Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dateline: 12 Septiembre 2006

I thought I was walking the streets in fear of being accosted by strangers; now I have to guard my room key from Panchita Loca....

Manana, vamos a otra ciudad, visitar una escuela hablar y leer con los ninos y ninas. (Tomorrow, we're going to another city to visit a school to speak and to read with the boys and girls.)

Chad's teacher told him that tourists get shot if they take pics without asking, so now I'm just taking guerilla pictures of people's backs...or taking them quickly before they see the camera...

This place reminds me of the Philippines. I like it; at some cellular level, it's sort of "like home" even though I was born and raised in Washington State. (I love the brown eyed children.)

For once, I didnt' compose most of this in Babelfish/altavista...I am learning a LOT. I'm behind Panchita and wayyyy behind Chad, but we got to Past and Future this morning (I thought I was going to be stuck in Present Tense all this week. I wanted to say, "are you sure that I'm ready for this now?!?") I have 3 pages of homework for tonight. I'm studying Estar and Ser right now.--supposedly tricky for any level of spanish language students...

Hasta manana,



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