Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Written on September 14, 2006

Hello Everyone,

This is the first time I´m posting to the blog since I´ve been here. Boy, I sure have been busy! I´m loving every second of it!

Today the whole entire school piled into the bibliobus and left for Antigua at 2PM to go to Chimaltengango. I was told Chimaltenango is about 21 Kilometers from Antigua. It was an incredible trip! We´re driving along the streets and there are bus loads and truck loads of people everywhere! Kids are in the streets running with a torch in hand and blowing the whistles in their mouths to celebrate the independence of Guatemala. I´ve never seen anything like it!
We were traveling to Chimaltenango to view the school that Probigua has there. That´s not all though. We were travelling there to join in on the festivities. You see, once we arrived at Chimaltenango we all got out of the bus and started running with the torch after we viewed the school. This is no small thing in Guatemala. The whole country gathers together in various groups. It could be a group from a church or a school or a business. I mean seriously, there are probably thousands of groups! The streets are PACKED full of people running from one city or town to another. Well, Probigua had their own group and we were fortunate enough to be a part of it.

I really enjoyed participating. I ran, maybe, three quarters of the way. Along the way there the spectators were kind enough to make sure we stayed cool by throwing water on us. I was completely soaked by the time I made it back to Antigua.


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